Thursday, October 14, 2010


....have me hooked!!! I love them.

I made another bugged bunny in mostly purple. The body contains pink and purple but the face is all purple....eyes, mouth, nose, hairs. She is going to my sister in NC for her birthday.

I started the chicken and almost finished it last night with the exception of the eyes. He is just too cute! I didn't do the legs the length the pattern called for and the beak that I originally did was really sad looking so I decided to do it right on the face and it turned out much better. The comb has an extra bump in it than what's called for in the pattern.

Both are Drops Design patterns.

I am going to make a frog next. They don't have a pattern for one but I'll just use the same head in green and wing the eyes and see what I can come with for a body.

I think I see a bunch of these done up for presents. They're quick and cute!

Hope your day has been stupendous!!





  1. Stupendous . . . why aren't you Miss Dictionary today.

    I used a Verifone again to by stuff at Hobby Lobby today. Surely, with the machine and yarn, you had to have known I was thinking of you :0}

    \0 paula

  2. these are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  3. Thank you....I think they are too. And they're just too easy and quick to do!


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