Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday!

I so did not want to get up out of bed this morning, even though I woke up at 3:20! I could have stayed in bed with Mr. Lick Lick. I love this fall weather we are having. I kept my doors and windows open all weekend. It would be wonderful if it was like this year round. It's perfect weather.
I think my hummingbirds are gone, though I did see one straggler Friday afternoon after I got home from work, but I think he was headed south and just stopped to fuel up some more or hang overnight.
I spent quite a bit of time outside this weekend, although I did some wood burning (not leaves and branches and such). I had forgotten how much I love to wood burn. It's too hot in the summertime to be in the shed burning. So yesterday I spent a couple of hours burning on a new piece, ready to burn on another piece. I actually got two pieces penciled out in letters and only one of them burned. I brought my last finished wood burning in the house yesterday. That's it up there. Whatcha think? I love it, I just have to find a place to put it up. It's made of red oak. I actually finished it in July, as that's the date I burned on the back of it. Just forgot to bring it in! I did the whole thing......burned the front piece and then put the finish on both pieces, then attached the back piece to the front piece and attached the hooks. I was pleased with the results.

I also finished a new bookmark for my daughter's birthday. I was really pleased at how Ms. 'Bugged' Bunny turned out. I call her bugged because of her eyes. Those were the smallest buttons I could rustle up. I thought I had some smaller but couldn't find them. No biggy, these actually look ok, just bug eyed. I hope she likes her. She is made from the Drops Design pattern. I made a different one for my sister that I already sent to her in a book on Friday. I made him all to pattern (Drops Design) except that I didn't add his feet like on Ms. Bugged. And I liked him so much that I made her. I embellished on her face and ears but other than that she's to pattern.
And what do you think of Bella's wrist pal? I just whipped her up. I am not proficient at sewing faces. For some reason they all turn out like they have angry faces on them. What's up with that? lol. I made this for Bella because Jen's birthday and Kylie's birthday are 5 days apart so I'll be sending theirs both together. Bella is almost 3 (in her terrible 2's) and I couldn't send Jen and Kylie something and not Bella. I know....she needs to learn but she's only 2.
So weekend was pretty full and relaxed. I love my weekends home, which there aren't a lot of them. I could hermit from the time I got home Friday afternoon til I go back to work Monday morning.
Hope your day is everything you hoped it would be!


  1. What's the top book mark? Am going to drops to see what they have . . never saw this pattern before but I like it.


  2. I can't remember what he was called but he's in there too...I just looked, he's called Christmas Santa bookmark. They're both quite easy. I have ordered some colored #3's to do the chicken and the flower.


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