Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Miscellaneous

Hi ya'll! It's FFFFFFFriday! :o) Have I told you I love Fridays?

I took a break from the bookmarks and am just doing piddly stuff. I made a little cell phone carrier for Bella in the same colors/yarn that I made Kylie's noggin out of. It's cute. I put this foam fake cell phone in it for her. She'll love it.

I don't know whether I can call the pink & white thing a pot or what. It's a little stiff because I double stranded #3 thread to make it. I think I may get some Scentsy's to put in it. They are real affordable and the smell is out of this world. My bosses daughter sells them. All I need is couple of them in this little pot/bag. They're only like $5 a cube or something like that. I didn't look too close as I didn't have the money when she showed them to me. But she has one in her office that smells so good. Apparently they have quite a few fragrances.

The last little thing I am piddling with is a rose on a hexagon. I actually started it for a co-worker in the FL office as she is out with knee surgery. Something to brighten her day. This is my first attempt at this kind of thing and I am quite liking it. I haven't written down what I've done so far. I was thinking earlier that I really need to before I get too far into it. I've tried two different patterns of this sort and neither came out good. As a matter of fact I think I told you in another earlier post how I frogged one of them because I made the bottom UPSIDE DOWN!!! So that the right side was on the bottom! How in the heck you say? wasn't hard. And I was so mad when I discovered them both. So I decided to make my own from scratch with cotton yarn in her favorite colors of red and green. And this time I made sure I made the bottom right side up. For the love of is looking really nice. I have two rows on the hexagon and want to go in a different format other than straight dc. Just can't decide how to proceed. I guess it'll come to me.

Anyway.....have a totally awesome weekend ok?? I'm going to try. The weather is supposed to be wonderful here in good ol GA.

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  1. Idea for a smaller little pot . . . a girl from Europe . . Netherlands I think . . .made these cute little things that fit over the knobs on the top og a lid for a pan . . so when you life the lid, it isn't hot . . . .they are such a cute idea . . like hats for lids . . .made out of cotton yarn, I Love This Cotton thickness . . . I think you need to figure ut how to adapt your pot for this use then post it.

    Kepp up thee good work and you & Mr. Lick Lick, enjoy your weekend:0}

    \0/ paula


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