Monday, October 18, 2010

My Collection So Far

Well....tomorrow 3 of these will be going to new homes. And I'm kinda sad. I love all of these and for once don't want to give them up! I usually give all my crochet stuff away, and love doing it. I know they'll be loved. And I can't wait to hear how they all are liked. But little menagerie will be depleted.

And I am working on a bear, though I'm not real enthused about him because his snout didn't turn out very good. So I've kind of been dragging my feet. I should have had him done already. I did however, make a small ornament, just sitting there messing around with some red #3 thread. I was somewhat amused with myself on that.

Mr. Froggie turned out pretty good for not having a pattern to go by huh? I love him bunches. He's going to my friend Kay, for Christmas. She hates frogs! More like she's petrified of them. I may embellish on his eyes a bit. I think he needs better eyes.
What do you think about the flower one? I think the directions for the stem were wrong. It called for ch 7 and that would have made the stem as big as the flower. So I did ch 3 and it looks much better. I may do another one or two of this with different colors for the flower.

I have three that I've been asked to make as presents and I suppose I can make any of what I've already made as they weren't specific on what ones they wanted. I won't ask for a whole lot on them. I wouldn't know what to charge and without Garnstudio, Drops Designs, I wouldn't have the patterns to make them. All three will be for kids...well one is for a baby about to be born. I was actually thinking that I could make that one with some kind of a hanger to hang over the crib until they're older. We'll see.

Anyway.....that's what I've been up to. #3 thread has taken over my life momentarily until I get tired of playing with it and want to hook back up with yarn.

Hope your Monday is a good one and the rest of the week gets even better!


  1. They are all VERY cute... Crocheting with tread drives me

  2. GREAT MONDAY . . . .right now I can't remember what I did. (well, I did sleep from about 8-noon) but I kept busy.

    I washed all of the Give-Away items and will wrap and ship tomorrow or Tuesday. I just LOVE the fact that theey can be thrown in the wash, then dryed and come out softer wach time.

    Later, tater,
    \0/ paula

  3. Paula - why did you wash them?

    Teri - thanks! thread usually drives me crazy but I found I really like working with #3. I have a bunch of #10 and it's very hard to get started with it. I tend to double strand it so that it's easier to handle while crocheting.


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