Friday, December 3, 2010

Calendar Girl

Happy Friday from a very cold Savannah GA!

I don't have a whole lot today. My back is giving me fits and I feel 100 years old. I did get my referral from the doc in the mail yesterday for an appt on the 16th. At least I hope it's for my back. It doesn't say the doc's specialty on the notice. I looked through the phone book but he wasn't listed under anything specific so I have to call later on.  It could be for something else because I had blood work done while off and I haven't gotten the results back yet.

Anyways....I did get an email with my calendar pic in .jpg so I thought I would share it again since the other pic was a tad blurry since it was taken with a cell phone of the sample calendar before print. I do have to say that all of the pics were awesome, thanks to Shirley at Fancy Pants Photography.  Mine, if you didn't see it before, was themed around crochet. The round ripple I have on me is the one I just finished up for my grand baby, Bella, for Christmas. 

You can see a lot of my tats....or excuse me...see that I have A LOT of tats, in the pic. And there are some that you can't see. :o) The one I wish could have shown was one I got 10 or so  years ago of the male angel taking a soldier to heaven. Let me look real quick to see if I have one here I can add in so you can see.  Well I looked all over this puter and not one pic of that tat. I know it's on my laptop at home. Sorry.

Well I hope you have a wonderful, loving Friday and that your weekend is just as much if not more.

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  1. You look SO CUTE in this picture . . . I hope the calendar sells out and you have t make another one for next year . . . maybe a pix of you and the pin booty lady comparing your "ass"ets
    ROFLMA myself over that one.

    Stay warm,
    \0/ paula


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