Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Long Does It Last???

This is basically my range of emotions this morning. Ughhhhhh.  How long do I have to keep dealing with this crap? I told my dr. last Tuesday that he lied. He told me it only lasted 2 years. When I told him he lied he had a smirk on his face that I just wanted to smack off. The Psycho came out in me but I contained it. Wasn't easy.

Hope your Friday Eve is WARM and fuzzy. (It's cold here)


  1. LOLOL @ the 7 Dwarves.

    I must admit, mine was pretty quick. Totally amazing since Mom's was nasty but the hysterectomy helped tons. finally talked to my aunts (on Dad's side) and theirs had been a breeze . . . so I found out I had been blessed with the paternal genes here.

    Sitting here looking out the window to whisps of snow on roofs while the ground has lost all snow . . .but south of B'flo they are in to 20" range and counting.

    \0/ paula

  2. That's the thing...I had a hysterectomy when I was 24...many moons ago. My sister asked me about 5 years ago if I had started going through it. I said no...had no clue if I was or wasn't. HUH........ I'm glad yours was easy, at least someone's was.

    Yea...I forgot to tell sister finally sold her house. She left yesterday to move to NC with my older sister. I guess she wanted to get out before it got too bad.


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