Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can't Resist

It's a very good thing I don't own a chocolate shop.....I would eat all of my profits. And weigh too big to come in and out the door. I am a confirmed choco-holic. I cannot walk by chocolate without consuming some if it's there for the taking.

My ex-boss had a visitor from Austria just recently and brought me some Austrian delights. One was like a Kit-Kat, I guess you'd say. This is it from beginning to end:

It went way too fast!!! But was mucho good. :o)

Notice the hooky goodness in the pic? I scrapped it as a gift for this year. It'll be in my wip box until later, which is kinda dumb because I only lack the edging finished on it. But I changed my mind on who it was to go to and made her a hat instead. So now I have an almost finished scarf for someone else, later on. Suits me.

Ok...need to get back to it here. I have sent out a couple of pkgs. to my favorite blog peeps, plus to two angels. Nothing big, just little tokens of love. Tis the season!

PS/Remember my car steering pump went? Well...$353 later....the pressure line side of it that is made up of thin metal got a hole in it. The part was $70.......the rest was labor. :o(  Last night I did a load of dryer went. Well...specifically I think the heating element went. I can't win for losing. And don't say it....I'm not going to even think it. Anyways...I had three pairs of jeans in the wash (amongst other stuff I hung on hangers to dry)...I put them out on the clothes line and when I got them off at 5 this morning they were board stiff. Literally. It was 14 degrees this morning.


  1. One of my all-time "bestest" friends ALWAYS hangs her undies, towels and sheets outside in the hwinter . . and she has a dryer. She said that they are SO SOFT when they "un-board" themselves.

    You need to do what I just did . . . I made a list of cross stitch patterns "ideas" to make in 2011. I still have quite a few more patterns to go through to complete the list . . but, at least I now have a list to check so I can make Christmas items through out the year. I will, most definately, add to the list, but it is a place to start.

    Oh, I put it on my sidebar so I can find it each time I check the blog.

  2. LOL...well I guess I'll see when I get home if the pants are softer. And you're right about the list....but ya know what? I think I want to do doilies for everyone next Christmas. I'm just not sure if my hands can handle them all. We'll see what happens. I just thought it would be easier and different that everyone got a doily or two or three. :o)

  3. Oh yes, the chocolate looks wonderful! Our washer went out this week, it fills but will not empty. Of course I found that out with a load of clothes in the washer. Had to go fishing and while fishing the clothes out the shelf on the wall behind me fell down. Had to just laugh at that point. Sometimes it sure does feel like you can't win for losing! At least we have chocolate!!!!


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