Friday, December 10, 2010

Count Down

I can't believe it, can you? Christmas Eve is only two weeks away. Two weeks from today, very early (o'dark thirty), I will be on my way to FL for a week to be with family. This year has flown way too fast.

I was sitting there last night stressing over how much I had left to accomplish in the way of what I needed made for all my gifts. I also had two birthday presents that I needed to wrap up because I needed to bring them to work today to give. Well one I needed to, the other could wait until next week, but I decided nope, I was going to get that out of the way too. So I wrapped up both, made out the cards and added a crocheted flower on the envelope for one and I crocheted a pink heart for the envelope of the other one. This whole time my mind is smoking trying to make sure of what I had left to do so I didn't forget anyone.

Wait just one minute.....I said to myself. What is in my finished box? So I get the fo box out and start going through everything. Huh........with what I had in there, plus my already heaping stack waiting to be wrapped, I have enough that I only have to worry about the three men on my list - my son, my son-in-law, and my girlfriends husband (who has done a lot for me).  My son's is part way done. It's this pattern at Pammy Sue's called Good and Plenty.  On everything big I always start and then get bored with it, put it down and then at a later date pick it back up. I'm running out of time!!! Tis ok....the other two are small items and can be finished in a couple of hours. But I really need to get cracking on Eric's blanket. Where's that whip??? Oh wait.....can't whip myself. lol

I was thinking though that I need to lay everything out and start taking pictures and do a large Christmas post of all the presents I made this year. I'm so proud of myself. The only money I spent this year was for some books for Kylie, a couple little animals and their cages for both the girls (play, not real) and when I was in Office Max a couple of weeks ago - two books that were at the counter for mom's and dad's to get for Kylie and Bella's mom and dad. I hate that - what do they call stuff like that at the counter?? Sucker items?? lol They sucker you right in. You can't help but see them, they're staring at you yelling out 'Hey I'd be a wonderful present!!!' And so the story goes, and ya'll know I'm stickin' to it. ;o)

So anyways....look what I found in my stash of pics! Dang it. It was right there in my blog pics folder the whole time and I missed it I can't tell you how many times.  My tattoo of the male angel carrying the soldier to heaven. As you can tell it's a large tattoo and took two sittings to finish. Actually I had the wording put on afterward, some people couldn't tell what the tat was. I was po'd to say the least. I won't tell you what one girl said. Those were fighting words but hey...I kept my cool and just gave a look that could have killed.  I'm very protective of those who fight for our freedoms. They lay their lives on the line and a lot of them have lost their lives for us. A lot of them won't be with their families for the holidays like we will. They will most definitely be on my mind.

Ok I better get some real work done here. It's Friday and I am ready to get out of here today! It's been a long week for some reason.  Have a wonderful, warm, and safe weekend in your little part of the world ok?


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