Friday, March 4, 2011

Blues and Greens

Happy Friday!

I have been so busy this week. I've been able to read pieces and parts, here and there, of the blogs I follow until this morning. It's been really slow today, which is fine, it's Friday after all. :o)

I've been kind of slow in the crochet department too. I did do Glor's Sugar Spun doily in green. I used #10 green thread and a #4 hook. It's a pretty little doily and went quick. I didn't block it. And it shows because it's hard to see the definition of the last rows on it. I love that color green.

The other thing I finished this week was a hat that I just started with no pattern and ended up with a hat. I used the yarn (1 skein) that I had won in one of Paula's Birthday giveaways. I am keeping this hat for me.  I made it so that it goes down below my ears a ways, but I can roll it up too. It's pretty warm. I won't get to use it until the fall and winter but it'll be waiting for me. :o)

I cut my face off in this pic. I have gained so much weight since I quit smoking and it clearly shows on my face.  I have got to get rid of about 30 pounds. I need to go walking at night (before dark - too many scary critters to go after), the time change is upon us in another week. Leo will love that. When I grab his leash he knows it's time for a walk.

Oh...and the other wip I have been working on is the Baggy Cat for my daughter. The last pics I showed you were about where I stopped on her. I have all the parts done and last night I put the elastic in the bottom of her dress, two buttons on her shirt, and the eyes, mouth and nose on her face.  Now I just have her whiskers on the face to do and then put all the parts together and stuff them and put them on her. I just realized it's been a month since I laid her down and moved on to something else. I wish I wouldn't get bored with projects so quickly. Oh well. Hopefully I can show her to you Monday. She's been laying on my ottoman long enough, it's time for her to be done and packed away for Jen's birthday in October.

I still am working on Jen's tablecloth of tan and tangerine hexies, and haven't started on her pinafore towels that she asked for. I've also got quite a few of the peach and persimmon hexies done and started putting some of them together. So I have a lot going on but nothing done.

I get bored and find little stuff in between to break up the boredom. Plus my hands start hurting and I have to do something with a bigger hook to make them quit or take a break totally. I really want the big things to be done but things happen.

I just remembered that I have stuffed packed away, a bunch of different shades of purple granny squares for my sister's blanket. I think that's been over a year that I started that one. I love the colors but the harshness of the RH yarn gets to me and I get really tired of it quick. I should pull them out and put them in a see-through tote just to guilt myself. And if I made one or two a day I'd be done with them quick. Same as Jen's tablecloth hexies and the bigger hexies. One a day of each and I'd be done in 6 months with all three except for the joining.

Ok, I've jawed your ears off enuff. Have a great weekend in your little corner of the world!  Forget some of the seriousness that's going on the world right now for just a few minutes.Use some of those face muscles and smile and laugh like nobody's business. :o)


  1. The green doily is great for St Patty's Day!

  2. Love the hat. I'm trying to perfect a generic hat I could make for anyone and it fit. What I've made so far is okay, but not great. I'll keep trying. LOL

  3. Nope, didn't jaw off my ears, enjoyed the post. You certainly are one busy gal! I love how the sugar spun doily came out and so perfect in the green for this time of year. Thank you for the mention. Can't wait to see the tan and tangerine tablecloth ... sounds beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Kat, Kat, Kat . . . . you need to start joining your squares & hexies as you make them. When I do this I see the progress quickly and don't get bored.. I HATE JOINING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It bores me out of my gourd . . . but when it is part of the pattern, last row joins the pieces, it just seems to go smoother.

    Nice hat . . . the colors came through nice in the pattern. maybe you need a final blast of snow so you can wear it once this year . . he he he he he

    If I were in GA I' just squeeze those chubby cheeks as my congrats for quitting the cigs! Keep up with that . . or, light a wooden hook and smoke it if worse comes too worse :0}

  5. I am the same way. I start a project...get bored...then tuck it away and forget about it. I have got to stop. Someone gave me a whole trash bag full of RH yarn! I am only using it for things that I don't have to touch! Such as bunting or rug punch projects...stuff like that.

    Cindy Bee

  6. LOL. Paula you crack me up! No, I won't start smoking again. I know for a fact that I can't pick one up and smoke it because I'd be right back where I was and I don't want to go there. I have other things to spend my money on, I like smelling good, I like my house smelling good and I want to try to live a little bit longer. My dad smoked til the day he passed. He was 81, almost 82. But I'm not going to press my luck.

    Hey, I hate joining too! But I don't have a table or place big enough to lay them down on while making more motifs. :o(

    Cindy - A lot of the RH yarn is ok. But for some reason the purples, all shades of purple, are so dang rough! I hate that. I saw somewhere somebody posted that if you wash it gently and then rinse it gently in water with vinegar?? It's supposed to soften it up but not leave the smell. I don't know.

  7. The hat looks good. The weight in the face thing I can totally relate to since I am the very same way. I'm waiting for the snow and ice to get clear a little more then i'm off walking daily.


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