Monday, April 5, 2010

Moderate Monday

Another Monday! And I am slacking. We are into another month here, already! It flies much too quickly. Check out time will be here before you know it....... :o(

Ok, nuff of that. So I hope your weekend was good. Mine was productive. I felt alive for the first time in a long time because I was productive and finished what I started and felt good about it! I put up shelves on my front porch so that I could bring out all of my plants from their winter residence in my southerly front spare bedroom. And I put the shelves up high enough so that if lizards got in the plants, then Mr. Lick Lick could not jump up and knock them over trying to get the lizards. His mama was the huntress but he brings a new meaning to the word hunting when it comes to lizards. I have babied some of my plants and I will not have him destroy them in the blink of an eye just to prey on some poor lizard. Plus it makes it more roomy on the small front porch with the plants up like that. And they all get equal exposure too. It's all good all the way around!

Plus I got quite a bit of hooking done. I started on Attic24 Lucy's bag and worked quite a bit of it. I was going to duplicate the colors but now am thinking that I want to see if I can finish it without duplicating any more than what I already have. I did duplicate three colors but won't any more of them unless I run out of colors to finish it. Plus I have made flowers to go on the straps where they connect to the bag. And I will probably make more flowers as I like how the different colors go together. What I will do with them I am not sure yet.

So anyways...hope you had a good weekend and that you will have a great week ahead of you. I shall see you soon!
K xoxox

ps/whatya think about the bookmark and the start of a granny doily? I love the thread, it's so pretty!

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