Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can You Believe It?

:o)  Two days in a row this week!  How did I manage that??? It's early and I had a rush of things first thing and got them done so I have a small break. I wanted to post the progress I made on the 1st bookmark for Gail. All I have left is the arms and I kind of don't like the neck. I was thinking last night of how I could make some kind of a collar but I may just do a scarf. I don't know...I'll have to think on it some more. (Edited to add: I think I might take Debi's suggestion for a bow tie! Thanks Debi!!)
Also I took a real quick pic of a tunisian piece that I started. It was bothering me bad for a long time that I wanted to make something tunisian. It's kind of frustrating though because the left side is real tight on the stitching, and the right side is loose. It's also aggravating because the bottom curls up on you, that's why I have one of my only pair of knitting needles on the bottom to kind of keep it straight. And I also noticed that the first 4 rows on the right side have decreases in them of 1 stitch, but then I evened out and stayed with the same amount of stitches. :o(  This is my third try at tunisian. The others were frogged.

Bev, of One Yarn or Another just finished a tunisian jacket that is simply gorgeous! I also saw a tunisian pattern somewhere in blogland recently and it was kind of mind boggling to me to read. But I guess it's like any other pattern, you have to take it step by step, line by line and read real carefully. Please excuse the blurry pic...I was trying to get it this morning before I walked out the door, so I was in a hurry.
The marker is supposed to be the middle of the piece but somehow I messed that up too. I wanted three colors (which you have to be careful to keep them straight - I know..I messed up between the peach and rose color) Edited to add: Upon closer inspection of my pic I see where I messed up the colors also between the shocking pink and rose! lol and I wanted the two outside to be equal with a smaller panel in the middle. I thought I counted right but apparently somehow I screwed up, and didn't realize it until I had a few rows on it. Can you see how I have more peach than shocking pink? It's not a lot of extra stitches, only one or two, but it's just enough that you can see it. Oh well. I'm thinking I will get it to a managable square for an afghan for later on down the road. I am not frogging this one. It will make for an interesting panel/piece. I was actually trying to use up some leftover yarn from other projects.

I told Bev yesterday in a comment that she is the Tunisian Queen! I applaud her loudly for her tunisian work. I don't think I can do a whole vest like she did. I know it has to be a warm garment too. The thickness of the tunisian stitch is like a double layer of thermal underwear. :o) I so wish I could have the patience and experience to make a coat out of this stitch. No way is that ever going to happen!

Well it's that time. Duty calls!  I'm hoping all of us who are suffering the summer swelter will get some respite. All eyes in the southeast are on Emily, the tropical storm in the Caribbean. Last night they were saying that it might just skirt our (GA) coast and head toward NC. I would at least like some rain out of you Emily!! No more, no less please. :o) (Like she's going to listen to me huh??? lol)  Cya soon!


  1. Kat, I think you are doing exceptionally well with Tunisian. Don't you dare frog that. Here's a couple of hints about your problem. Curl: It help with the curl I do a purl stitch on the first row. You can also turn your chain over and do your first row in the back of the stitch OR you can do your first row in the hump of the stitch -- that little piece that kind of sticks up on the back. I like the purl stitch the best though. It slows down the first row but it sure makes a difference. Also when you put a border on it that will help a bit also. Ends: It's very common to have the left side a little tighter. If you will kind of pull down on that last stitch as you make it, it will help keep it more even. Also, it helps to be really conscious of that one and deliberately loosen it a little. The tension issues will all come with practice. I think you're doing a GREAT job! Honest, I do. You should have seen my first piece -- you're is expert compared to mine! Lastly, I'm not the queen of Tunisian but thank you for saying so. I love doing it. There is still so much I have to learn. I'm glad you like my vest. It's really not that thick but I do agree that Tunisian done in worsted weight does tend to be a bit thicker. It's excellent for blankets.


  2. How about a little bow tie? I think that would be cute. :)

  3. Okay . . .I am off to DROPS to get that bookmark pattern . . . LOVE them! ! ! ! !

  4. I think your book mark is really cute...and a bow tie will make it even more adorable!

    I love Tunisian crochet. Have you went to You Tube to see if they have something on there? I found this and love the look of it:

    Tunisian reminds me of knitting and crochet and yet it is it's own thing, too. I love the warm fabric it creates...and you can even cross stitch on it, too (well, depending on the stitch you use).

    Hope you get lots of rain from Emily (and that's it, just rain, no wind or tornadoes) and the she will turn back in the Atlantic and not bother anyone!

    I am with you on the cooler weather...not cold...cooler. :)

    Thanks so much for visiting my's always so nice when you drop by. Keep up the good work on your Tunisian Crochet, it looks really cool.

    You know...knitting can be kind of cool, too. :) You already have a set of needles...I am just saying. :)

    Blesings always. :)

  5. Got the patterns copied .. . my #3 cotton thread is in a sack beside me . . so I am ready to start . . .after I get my latest swap potholder/hotpad finished :0}

    I think I shall make the Santa . . but use multiple colors to make him a clown. What do ya think?


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