Friday, August 26, 2011

Kiddie Crochet

Well....we are holding down the fort here. The winds are pretty brisk and we've had several rain events today but I think that's all we'll get out of Irene. I took a video this morning on my phone and tried to upload it to youtube to post for you but that didn't work out real well. :o( It was a good one too. Showed how fast the clouds were whizzing by and I did a darn good job narating too. Oh well.

So on my hooks the last few nights, 7.5 hours to be exact, is below. I actually enjoyed it immensely, seeing them come together. Now the hard part of the doll is ahead of me. I did the easy stuff first. :o) I can't wait until she's done.
The two on top are the shirt and skirt, then the sweater and purse. The only thing I am missing is the button on the back of the skirt but that's small potatoes. And I embellished the sweater. I added the stripe and the pink trim in light raspberry. (Lighting as usual have diminished the true colors) I love the magenta and raspberry together. Wasn't sure what color to do the purse, went digging in my stash and came up with this variegated red/pink color. Pretty cool huh?

So that's it for me today folks. I'm hoping and praying that Irene doesn't hurt anyone and that she doesn't do too much damage. I imagine NYC is in panic mode currently. I feel for them...we in the south know what it's like to deal with hurricanes, unlike them. I think they said last night on the news about every 75 years or so??? First an earthquake, then a hurricane. Hate it for them.

Have as good a weekend as you can. Cya soon!


  1. You're a little bit closer to the coast than me but, that's what I'm expecting here. Just like Isabel. Everything is tied down and the storm window is up on the coop.
    I hope we don't lose power for too long.
    We'll see.

  2. Glad you did well in the hurricane, us too. What an adorable outfit!

  3. Let us know how you fared through the hurricane. Cute crocheted doll clothes. I think it's harder doing tiny stuff like that than the bigger type stuff, don't you?

    Cindy Bee


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