Friday, August 12, 2011

Crochet in Another Language

I found another Polish site, through one that I just started following myself. I'm always interested in other's work, even if it is halfway around the world. I wish I was able to travel and go to places and visit women who crochet. I would love to learn more.

What prompted me to blog about this site is the vintage picture on her sidebar of 10 women crocheting. I love that picture, even though I have no clue who they are. I also tried to print out a copy of one of the patterns......they won't come out large enough to try to decipher the stitches. There are a couple that I would have liked to have, like the rug.

Have a look, if you care to and have the time, into a Polish woman's crochet world

I don't have anything to report on my crochet front today. I'm still working on the project I told you about last, with the #10 & #3 thread. Same project only one is done with #10 and the other is done with #3. I'm loving both of them and can't wait until they are done. These won't become UFO's. I'm determined. :o) Stay tuned.

Ok...I think that may be it for me today. Have a wonderful weekend! I see rain is in the forecast for part of Texas.......Pammy Sue you may not be under that green shaded part I saw this morning. I did my rain dance for you......maybe it wasn't good enough, or long enough?? :o)  Hope you're able to stay cool and enjoy the weekend. Cya soon!


  1. That IS a great picture! I've never tried follow a picture pattern...I've just been too intimidated.

  2. Yesterday we had cloud cover most of the day (but no rain at my house) and it did not get up to 100 for the first time in 40 days! It's back into the 100s through the seven-day forecast though, but at least we had a little break, if you want to call it that. Keep dancing! LOL.

    I'll go check out the polish lady's site.

  3. If you left-click on those pictures of the patterns on her site then right click on the picture when it comes up again, you should be able to print them on a full page and be able to read them. Is that not working for you?

  4. Nope I don't know polish..been doing rain dances here too..LOL

  5. Thanks for pushing my button. I'm not really into crochet but back in the late 70's I did my fair share of macrame for hanging plants.
    We went through our spell of no-rain weeks. We've been getting a little off and on, now.

  6. What a beautiful site! If I can't understand a word she says, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  7. it would definitely be fun to travel around to various countries and crochet with the women there!

  8. Hey Kat! I am over for a visit and am loving your blog. I hope the patterns will somehow become available in a more clear fashion.

    Thanks for visiting me today...I am glad I'm not the only one terrified of logging trucks. They are not something I'd want to deal with in an accident.

    Keep up the rain dances. There's a SMALL CHANCE that we might get a brief rain shower this afternoon, here in Southeast Texas and I am praying!!

    Later Gator!

  9. loved the pictures on the Polish old world.

  10. Wow, what a great site. I've never done charted patterns, one of these days I have too. The patterns are gorgeous. And what a great picture of the women crocheting.

  11. hey thanks for the site for thread..haven't had time to check it out..but will in a few..

  12. Hi Kat. I'm attempting to get caught up again in blogging. I am going to check out that polish site. Sounds nice. My cousin just went back home to hot, hot, dry Texas. I hope you all get rain soon. We are finally getting some.

    Cindy Bee

  13. Thanks for the blog site, I'll have to check that out.

    Thanks also for visiting on blog...and the kind words you posted. Thank you. :)

    Hope those who need the rain get it today and those who don't stay dry. Blessings to all. :)


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