Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

I am feeling so much better today. I finally got some much needed sleep last night. Thank you all for your well wishes and support. I have come to know some of you very well and ya'll mean a lot to me and it felt good to vent and get that off my chest.

Did you know that you shouldn't take pain pills at night?? It turns out that's one of the reasons I haven't been sleeping! Who knew?? I thought pain pills were to take the pain away and let you get some rest. Nope....the doc said that I shouldn't take a pain pill past 5 in the evening. He told me to take my xanax at night to help me sleep. You know what? I slept like the dead (pardon the horrible pun) lastnight. I did not want to get up this morning to come to work. I need more sleep but I do feel much better least a little rested and at ease that I don't have renal cell carcinoma.

I talked to my daughter last night via skype. She is a nursing student and I read to her the report the doc gave me. (She knows those big words that I can't even pronounce) She had asked me about the liver deal. According to what I read her, it turns out that I do have cysts on my liver but she said that like any other cyst they could be benign or malignant and that bears further testing that should be done soon and not swept under the rug.  (I brought her up right....she tells me like it is).  Apparently the doc didn't think they were a big deal. She is not a big advocate of my doc. She thinks I need to look for another doctor. I tend to agree with her, except I've been seeing this one since I moved to GA 11 years ago and he knows me, my medical history, and I have a good relationship with him - I can talk to him and say what I need to, I feel comfortable with him.  So I'm kind of torn.

My daughter is evil too. She looked at me, smiled and said 'You know....once you have your gall bladder out you can't eat ice cream for dinner anymore.'  I gave her that stink-eye look, the shocked 'NO WAY Jose' look.  I told her I would do all the necessary research on it to see what I could and couldn't eat.  She also said I can't eat nuts anymore. I LOVE nuts!  I definitely need to investigate.

So on to my hooky stuff.  I have not finished Glor's CAL.  That is on my agenda. I screwed up somewhere and Glor thinks it's 3 rows back.  I hate frogging........especially since the stitches are dtr's. My hands and fingers screamed at me a few times while hooking it so that I had to put it down. I may fudge the 10th row and make it so that I add in the 8 ch3 spaces that I'm missing so that I can finish it, but I bet that'll bite me in the butt. :o(  I did notice in Pammy Sue's that I can't see her rnd join. Mine looks different. Have I been doing joins wrong my whole crochet life I wonder??? :o(

I'm currently working on a bunny that you can stuff grocery bags in. (I spoke briefly about this yesterday) I don't know where I found the pattern but it was from a Crochet World  article some years ago. I remember seeing that on the bottom of the page. My daughter put in a request for a bag holder when I was home for Christmas and I remembered I had this one in my myriad of printed patterns that I found online. 

She also requested some towels that you hang on the oven that are crocheted in the shape of a dress and the straps of the dress go over the handle and button on the front of the dress. I haven't seen anything like this. Is that a pinafore? If you know where I can find a pattern like that please let me know. I'd love to make her a few for her stove.

I have used all of my #3 tangerine and tan thread that I was using to make my daughter's tablecloth, so that is on hold until I can order some more from Herrschner's. I just missed a free shipping offer. :o( Too much other crap going on to notice. Other than these and the hexies I showed you yesterday that's all that's going on with me hooky-wise.

On another note - this last weekend was the cookie drive for the Bomber Girls to send to the soldiers for Valentines Day.  Over 3700 DOZEN (that's at least 44,400) cookies were donated to send to the troops. A little town in Westville IN donated 2 and a half pallets (over 12,000) of cookies that were all baked and sent for this drive to Savannah. They lost one of their own a year ago and a friend of the Bomber Girls who lives in Valpraiso frequents several VFW's in Westville and surrounding areas. She was instrumental in getting people to bake and then send these 2.5 pallets of baked cookies to the Bomber Girls last week. At this time there are approximately 80 soldiers on the shipping list (some addresses were given the day of the poker run) that will receive bunches of good ol' USA home baked cookies to remind them that we love them and that they are being thought of.   They will get at least 2 boxes each, if not more, to share with their fellow troops. If you have a soldier that you would like them to receive some love from the Bomber Girls you can go to the site and give the address and dates of deployment. They will be added in on the ship to list. The response from the communities surrounding Savannah and as far away as Westville IN was outstanding and awesome.

Above is the teal washcloth I finished. Isn't it pretty?

I hope your hump day is wonderful! For those of you in the midst of the storm or about to get it....stay warm as best you can. Hope you don't have to venture out in it!


  1. YEAH B*O*M*B*E*R G*I*R*L*S ! ! ! !

    And a big SHOUT OUT to my fellow HOOSIER in Westville :0}

    Now, i need to get you trained when you post a pix of what you have done., . . tell me what yarn/thread you use? I can never tell, via pix, which is which . . .and with all I've done you would think I could.

    Leo got the end of tthe dog biscuits, but I will look around to see the name. AllIcan remember was they were in a green box and were promoted as being healthy . . .Miss Indy turned her nose up at them . . she is SO her momma's dog :0}

  2. The only thing I can't eat since having my gallbladder out a couple of years ago it broccoli. No problem with the ice cream and no problem with the nuts (other than I can't eat many as I get sores in my mouth cuz I'm kind of sensitive to them). Nothing else has seemed to bother me at all. I have a friend that can't eat mayo or anything with a cream sauce on it so I guess it's different for everyone.

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  4. Ooh, the teal blue is gorgeous!


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