Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well....with the giraffe coaster and Glor's December doily of the month. I've already packaged up and shipped the giraffe coaster to my friend, Paulette, for her birthday.  I'm not sure where Glor's doily will end up.

The lighting on the burgundy and pink December doily didn't turn out very well. But that lighter color is pink. I used #10 burgundy and #10 pink and a #4 hook. I finished it up last night and still had time to work on the Rising Sun doily. Which I might add that I think will go rather quick now. I'm on round 11. I'll work on it every night and this weekend until it's done.

The giraffe coaster was done in #10 blue and #10 pink with a #6 hook. So without further ado.......

I blocked the giraffe coaster but not the doily. I rather like the doily not blocked I think. The giraffe coaster I had to because all of the heads were twisted because of the stitches on the heads. Like I told you before, I had started on this coaster a long time ago because I liked the look of it and it was challenging. But after I got the first two giraffes done I put it down. I'm so glad it's done. Nothing like getting a wip done that you've had laying around for awhile. :o)

Yesterday on the way home from work I tried to get some pics of the pond I told you about......only I didn't stop, I tried to take them while driving. I don't recommend doing that, but I've done it before successfully. These didn't turn out the best. I may stop this afternoon and get a couple. I hope there are ducks and geese there. I didn't see any yesterday because I was too busy trying to drive and get pics at the same time. I think the person behind me was a little perturbed because I slowed down a bit. See how dang close they are?? And we were doing over the speed limit too!

The first one is actually where the break between the two ponds is but it's hard to see because of moving. The second one is the second pond.
I hope your Friday eve is everything you want it to be. It's supposed to get up to 72 today here. Hang in there my northern blogettes......spring is on it's way. Before you know it it'll be hot as the dickens!


  1. The doilies are wonderful! I love giraffes!!! This is just so darn cute. And the December doily came out great... burgandy and pink, I adore that combination ... will have to show this one my blog. Thanks for letting me know. Have a wonderful day. Blessings.

  2. I'm glad you didn't block the doily . . it looks nice and soft this way.

    It is getting warmer up here . . no hoodie the last two days and no socks or slippers on the feet today. Tonight, I might actually have to turn the ceiling fan on to be comfy when we sleep.

    You pictures make me homesick for SR 29 at home . . . no large amounts of water, unless we have had a lot of rain, but the area lookzs like home.

  3. Paula - I always love seeing pics of where other people live too. Often reminds me of somewhere I've been or lived or seen in my journeys in life.

    That was why I didn't block the doily, because leaving it like it is gives it that feminine soft look. :o)

  4. That giraffe coaster is amazing!!!! I'd love to make that as a gift for someone, but it's a bit too intimidating... ;-)

  5. hi i agree with mindy i love it where did you get the pattern from or is it your own creation ?

  6. I like the giraffe coaster! I didn't think I would when you first mentioned it, but I do. I like the doily too. It's very pretty. I think most people that have a blog know what it's like to drive while taking pics. One time I went around the block three times to get a pic of a guy with his pants down to his knees and his entire boxers were showing. I posted it on my blog - and when I drove around the third time with my camera up, he turned around and looked!

    Cindy Bee

  7. Like everyone else I really love the giraffes!

  8. Hi! Just saw your stunning December doily @ Glor's blog and really wanted to peek here too :)) Your doily looks lovely - the colors are so rich and Decemberish. The giraffe coaster looks fun too - so cute!


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