Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankfully It's Thursday

Good morning!  Today is my Friday. With the other stuff behind me I can go get my epidural tomorrow so I will not be around for the next few days. I've taken the day off tomorrow and one of my Bomber Girl sisters is going to take me to get it and bring me home. (They won't let me drive myself home after)  I haven't had one before so I'm not sure what to expect but it seems the concensus is that it's not too bad a procedure. I'm hoping for relief from the pain in my lower back. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday it cleared up here and got up to 70!!! I had my window open in the car on the way home and opened up the front and back door at the house.  It's a rainy day in GA today and the rain is supposed to be here until Saturday afternoon and then clear and be cold again. The temp will stay in the 40's today. I know I have no right to bitch because at least we are not in the midst of that horrible winter storm roaring through the midwest and north. This is why I live in the south, but I'm sure you share my sentiment of 'when is it going to be spring already???'  So with my epidural and yukky weather for the next couple of days guess where my big butt will be??? On da couch, sharing it with Mr. Lick Lick. We will no doubt be sharing a blanky being all comfy cozy. He loves it when his mama is hanging out with him.

So I thought I'd better get some pics of this bag kitty I've been talking about. I even took a pic of the pattern. And I was was featured in Crochet World magazine but in the year 2000. The pattern is called 'Baggy Cat' by Lauri Grammer. You can find it here on Ravelry or go to The size of the cat is supposed to be 23 inches. I guess I neglected to notice that originally. But when I realized that I didn't have enough of one color to do the skirt I decided to bust my stash of cotton yarn.

I've kind of gotten away from the thick cotton for a little while. I actually prefer the thinner cotton of the Village Yarn. It seems the thicker is harder to work with. Maybe it's just me. But I want you to check this CRAP out. Look at the next pic. Tell me what you see.
UH HUH...I was somewhat miffed when I found this. There are 3 loose ends, with two more that are tied together!!!! WTH is that all about? So if I have at least 5 ends there is probably another one lurking in the midst of the ball right?  It's a good thing that I am an intermediate crocheter and can deal with this kind of dilemma. I mean....I know doodoo happens right? Well in these cases why don't they just make a larger ball or smaller ball to compensate for the screw up and then offer some kind of deal where they let you know that there may be more ends in the ball and sell them for cheaper, or in bulk of 5 balls or whatever. Ya know??? Or is it common practice to have at least one knot per ball hidden away inside??? I swear, just about every ball I get has a knot in there. Sometimes it's very inconvenient too because you're crocheting away and all of a sudden there is a knot, that is going to show because you can't hide it, it crochets on the front of your piece. I get really disgusted when that happens. :o( Then you have to cut it out and compensate for it.

Ok, so on to the cat bag. Yea, the colors.....(had to recollect my train of thought after the sidetrack!) I will have 7 different balls of color, not all full balls but enough to get Ms. Catty done. I have everything I need except the heart shaped button for her nose.  Here's what I have done so far:

The two grey pieces in the last pic are the head. The grey will also be her paws and ears. I haven't gotten that far yet.

I hate how these pics turned out. The light here is not the best. 

The purple that I showed you with the different ends is going to be her apron. I saved some of the blue at the top for her arms. The two multi-colors were full balls, the next light blue was a partial ball and the last two toned purple was a partial ball.

She's getting there. I may have her finished this weekend, we'll see how it goes.

From me and Leo to ya'll - have a fantastic weekend and try to stay comfy cozy in the midst of this crazy weather we are having!


  1. Before I go any further I have to tell you about my epidural experience . . . and NO WAY of making this long story short.

    I had surgery on me left knee meniscus (the one that is flaring up again.)A day or two after I got home I was starting to notice my left calf was getting larger . . and I wasn't trying to increase my calf muscles. The husband says it is redder than the other.

    I end up going to my dr who sends me back to the surgeon who says it is a Bakers Cyst that can form in the knee after the surgery I had and SELDOM travels down the leg . .well aren't I the lucky one. Sends me home with some antibiotics . . .and an appt. to see my primary the next day.

    SO, I see h er, she calls the surgeon who tells her to draw a circle around the redness (with permanent marker) so he can see if it gets worse the next day when he sees me.

    Next day, I see him and immediately go to the hospital. Spent three days there, each night he comes in and aspirates the cysst with a needle that looks like it would be used to give a horse a booster shot. Felt like H*** H*** . . . but then I would ask to see what came out biology teacher won out over the pain. Dr. thought I was nufrom a raspberry puree to a tomatoe aspic.)
    ts but enjoyed the color description (went
    from a raspberry puree to a tomato aspic.

    Next day, weent in for surgery to drain it . . . now we get to epidural.

    Mom had to have her right leg amputated below the knee. her lungs were so bad the anestheseologist didn't want to risk anything so she had to do an epidural.. She was fine with that. . . that woman was one brave chick! She said after , she knew what was happening when she heard what sounded like a chain saw cutting down a tree.

    SO, I figured if she could do that, I could do an epidural for a leg draining...right?

    Finally got the spine open enough for the shot . . . I am SO not-coordinated. . . and the anesthesiologist would prick my leg...Do You Feel That . . .yes I do. She repeated it and I kept feeling it . she started to get worried . . . I was laying on this tiny surgery table with my arms out to the sides(like on a cross . . hum . . needles, cross . . never put the two together) she gets worried because if it didn't take I would h ave to roll over (Yeah, right)so they could put the gas only face THEN roll me over again . . . a friend was the nurse for the surgery that day and another friend, who didn't know I was there, but came in just then and just about lost it when she heard they might have to turn me over after I was knocked out.. . and she started laughing so hard she had to leave . . and so was I.

    FINALLY, I said, I can't feel it now . . .he cut, went in, took his index finger and put it in the hole and swished it around to clean it out.

    Anyway . . . LOVED the experience, actually. If I ever have to have surgery again, and can go this route, I'll take it. Makes me feel closer to Mom . . .

    Now,, you know my life history . . LOL

    Fill us in ASAP so we know how it went.

    tell Leo he is in charge of cooking this weekend so you can recuperate.

  2. Love baggy cat...thanks for the link. I really hate it when you find a loose end. It's always right in the middle of the project and it makes you furious cause yes, you are in the middle...then, what to do. I can feel your frustration. Only epidurals I had were for pregnancies and I did not feel a thing since all of my initial pain was in my back. I loved them. I hope you find relief soon!

  3. Hi there...Thanks for dropping by. I love the kitty ...saved the link for later use.

  4. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog, and thought I'd say hi. :)

    I have to say, if I were you I'd start looking for a new brand of yarn. If you're constantly getting yarn with multiple ends, that signifies a serious lack of concern about quality on the manufacturer's part. I can't remember ever having gotten yarn with knots and multiple ends hidden inside, and I've been crocheting for a good 12 years, now.


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