Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Color Purple

Happy Tuesday ya'll!  No, the post isn't about the movie, it's about crocheted things purple. :o)

Sorry to say I wimped out on finishing the Rising Sun Doily correctly.  I'm kind of bummed about it but at the same time I'm glad to be done with it. The quads (quadruple crochet) did me in. I guess if I had finished it in #10 thread, instead of changing over to #8 DMC thread I maybe could have finished it correctly. I was not liking how the stitches were turning out. Between my hands and fingers hurting, and not being able to keep the tension right, the stitches are not uniform and pretty. They are wonky and homely.

So what I did was finish it with the 17th round made up of dc in the top of the quads, and 2ch between sets of dc and 4ch between the sets of 5 and sets of 3 dc. 

I know......3 more rounds!!! Well....really 4 if I had to do the 17th round correct. I'm usually not one to let something like this whoop me.  :o(  Things happen.

So....my sister won't know the difference and she'll love me for it.  I also had made this little purple (and other colors) flower in a flower pot. :o) At least that's what my daughter said when she saw it. I said...you know...you're right!  It actually started out as just a little amigurumi that I took from Mindy's page to link to the pattern (edited to add - I thought it was Mindy's pattern but it's not.....I apologize, there is a link on her page to the original maker of the pattern) . Only I didn't put any arms or legs on it. And I had made the flower previously from another pattern that I didn't want to continue with after I made the flower. I can't remember which one that was. So I made the flower the 'hat' and I crocheted a little pot for it to sit in.  And then I 'Mini Pearl'ized it with a little purple heart that matches the pot.  The yarn of the flower is Ninja Bernat Mosaic from this post. I love this yarn. The coloring in particular. For some reason I am partial to OD green, black and the purple that is in this yarn.  I need to go back to AC Moore and get some more of it.

I still love how the doily turned out even with it's MANY imperfections. :o)

Saturday I finally got all of my plants out of the house and back on the front porch. What a job that was. I had to clean off the front porch first because it was full of wind blown leaves from the fall to now. It took me most of the day to get it done. I have a piece of crap chair out there that I usually cover with an old sheet so that I can sit out there when it's nice. Well guess who thinks I did that just for him????  He disappeared Sunday and I went to look for him and I found him curled up and asleep in it.
Have a wonderful day. I hope the sun is shining down in your little part of the world.


  1. I'm glad you noticed it was someone else's pattern--I'd hate to take credit for something that creative!!!

    Your little one is super cute! I really love how that turned out. =) And the doily is gorgeous! I'm just going to have to give another go to my doily. ;-)

  2. I think the doily looks beautiful and correct to the point that you finished off. I don't think there's anything saying that you can't omit rows. I like it like this. And your flower and pot is adorable. Nice work!

  3. You've got sun (= green with envy). I'm in awe of anyone who attempts thread ... so I'm bowing down to my laptop screen in honour of your beautiful threadwork!

  4. The doily is lovely! If you can do that, you can absolutely tackle those dischcloths. They're done all in half double, double, single, and chains. The only tricky part about them is on the edging- you have to work sc's down along the stitches you've already worked to outline the petals, and it's pretty awkward the first time you have to do it.


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