Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bag Lady

Happy ummmm...what day is it?? Wednesday. Holy cow...already. Time sure does fly.

Just a quick post to show you a couple of bags. One is what I got a birthday present in from one of my friends. I just love this bag.
I'm not giving this bag up for anything! I love little babies and this just warms my heart. It makes me want to take them all in!! (Good thing they're not all standing outside my door, I wouldn't be able to resist those cute little faces) I love them all but my favorite is the little one in the middle in the front row. (I think because he/she resembles Leo a lot) So cute.

And my next bag is one I have whipped up real quick the last few nights. I got a new cell phone and needed a bag for it and all the accessories with it. I found out last night that I didn't make it big enough. :o( All the accessories fit but not with the phone.  Anyways, I made the bag out of scraps. I might make a couple more of these for the grands just because. They're cute and I think they'll like them.

I am not only a yarn ho...I'm beginning to be a button ho. Don't you just love those buttons? :o)

Ok, I best get to it here. I am training someone this week & next week to do my job while I'm out.

Have a wonderful hump day! May the sun shine down soon on those in the northlands who are STILL having to deal with snow. (So glad I live in the south!!!)


  1. Love the bag, the buttons are perfect! We need the sun here, snowing like crazy!

  2. I'm a button ho too...AND a yarn ho, AND a crochet pattern ho. I think I may be just a total ho. Ha-ha-ha.

    Love both of those bags!

  3. Hi again Kat! Your bag is adorable and I love the buttons. I did not have a blog when I posted about the clip on the crochet hook. I have since opened up my profile and created a blog. My name is really Patrice. Patrushka is a nickname my dad gave me.

  4. Love those buttons on the phone bag!

  5. The grands would love the bags! I'm a button ho too! I have several jars of them. Mostly bought at garage sales. I'm jealous of your warm weather. It was warm here for about a week, and now 32 degrees.

    Cindy Bee


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