Monday, March 7, 2011

Baggy Cat

She is done! The only thing I messed up is how far her neck should be down in the neck hole. Oh well. I think she turned out not too bad. I am not a sewer (so-er, not sue-er) but thankfully a while back I found a couple of half round needles that are wonderful. I am getting used to using them. They were real awkward at first but each time I use them I get better.

I hope she (my daughter) likes her.

That was part of what I worked on this weekend. I also made a little tea cup and saucer from the RH pattern that came in one of my emails last week. You can find it here. I used #3 thread and #2 hook. They turned out cute. I did the cup handle different since it was too small to sew on (for me anyways). I just chained some at the end and then hooked on the bottom of the cup with a sl st and made some sc up to the top and sl st again and then crocheted another row of sc around back to the handle and fastened off.  Cute huh?
Can you see my peach tree blossoming out in the yard? I didn't realize it but regular peach tree blossoms are a light pink. My tree is a patio peach and gets much smaller peaches on it that are not really edible. And usually the squirrels get them before they reach maturity. This is a better pic of the blossoms.

I also started this weekend a granny ripple in Caron soft - Off White, Truffle Heather, Victorian Rose & Deep Plum Heather, and using an H hook. This is for a baby that's due in July. I forgot to get pics but I'm only on the 8th row. It'll look better with more rows done. It's going pretty quick actually, I started it yesterday afternoon and already on the 8th row. I got the pattern from one of the books I just bought - Complete Photo Guide to Crochet. I think I messed up one side of it but as long as I can keep it going the same way I think I'll be ok.  And on this particular pattern in the book the ** is in the wrong place if you want to make a blanket wider than what the chart shows.  I figured that out real quick in the foundation row. I scratched my head for a minute, went back and reread it and knew what the deal was. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I got a lot accomplished and still had time to hook. That front went through yesterday. It sure did wreak havoc in LA huh? I feel bad for those people. We got some much needed rain but then it cleared up late morning and was breezy. It was a tad chilly this morning too. I think the thermo-meter in town said 41, so it had to be colder at the house. I hope nothing gets zapped when it's just starting to come out. 

Have a great Monday & evening. If I don't post til later in the week have a great week (I never know how busy I'm going to be)! I hope the sun shines down on you and fills you with warmth. 


  1. I absolutely love that cup and saucer! In fact your post makes me want to sit down for a tea party with a set of them, a few cool young girls and your baggy cat. :)

  2. I think baggy cat is going to be loved ... alot. It is adorable. I really love how the cup and saucer came out, great color combos. Your baby ripple sounds beautiful ... can't wait to see it. Those colors are calling to me. I may have to do something like these colors too!

  3. I love baggy cat! The cup and saucer are adorable.
    Sounds like you are on a crochet roll...... so nice.

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