Friday, May 7, 2010

Fabulous Friday :o)

Ahhhhh......the end of the work week. I'm so glad it's Friday. This week went off without a hitch. I was busier than crap but hey...the days went by quick.

I know one little man of a dog that is happy it's Friday. My Mr. Lick Lick...he is not a stupid little man-dog. I know I've told you that he absolutely HATES me going to work. Well that little joker this morning got it into his head to hide from me when it was time for me to go to work!!! Can you believe that??? I was utterly astounded! Nothing brought him about....until mama tried the very last thing she could think of. I thought he was too eager to go out and potty before I left this morning. He didn't come back, and didn't come back, so I went outside and called for him. No Leo. I promised him chip, no Leo. I stood there and listened. I didn't hear him. So I went inside and got my keys. I shook them, went to the car, opened the door and stood there. No Leo, no sound. Ok, so next I went to the gate and opened and closed it several times. No Leo. By this time I'm running 10 minutes late leaving. So I go out looking for him. I looked under my car, out back in the black edges of dark (and believe me when I tell you it's dark in them there, you can't see your hand in front of your face). I have a street light on the shed side of the house because rattle snakes are prevalent in this part of the country, along with copper heads. Leo!! I'm thinking...what the hell???? I'm laughing a little because he's this smart, that he doesn't want to go in the cage. So I go to the shed...we all know how he LOVES the shed. I rattled the keys in the friggin Leo. Now I'm getting scared at this point that the damn huge owl has snatched his skinny little 13 pound body up and took him away. So I open the lock and go in the shed, go toward the back and turn the light on. No Leo. I start rattling and moving stuff around. All of a sudden a white streak comes a running in the shed. I scooped his little ass up. I scolded him the whole way to the house. He went in the cage with his little head down. He knew......

I can't help but laugh. How smart is hide from your human mama because you don't want to go in the cage because she has to go to work?? I wasn't laughing too much this morning, especially when I thought maybe the owl had gotten him. We have HUGE owls here! I haven't gotten a pic of one but I have seen them. And I hear them all the time in my woods.

Anyways....the day is almost over. Tomorrow I am going on a benefit for a soldier back from Afghanistan that lost his legs and the benefit is for a house for him. I haven't seen my BG sistah's in a while because I've been down with my back. It'll be great to see them and hang with them for a little while. Mr. Lick Lick is not going to be happy but oh well....mama needs some mama time. It won't be an all day thing. I won't have to leave the hacienda til 11.

Sunday is Mom's Day. My mom has been gone many years, 38 to be exact. I lost her in my teen years. My youngest sister was 7 when she passed and she doesn't even remember her. How sad is that. I will be spending it home, alone...well not alone. With Mr. Lick Lick. It's one of those holidays where I'd rather hermit myself away and not have to deal with anyone other than myself. That way I can't feel sorry for myself. :o)But if your mom is still around let her know how much you care for her, love her.

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you may be and who ever you may be spending it with.
Kat xoxox

PS/Mr. Lick Lick says 'RuffRuff Ruff Ruff Ruff'. LOL...that stands for love your mama. :O)

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  1. YOu mean Mr. Lick Lick hasn't told you he has plans for a Mothers Day Tea for you? He has sent out invites.

    Whoops . . .I think I just let something slip out . . .LOLOL

    Mom has been gone quite a few years now. I always feel horrible . . shw always remembered the day her own dad died in 1946 . .and so can I even though I wasn't born until 1951. But for some unknown reason, I CAN NOT remember the month/day/year when Dad died or the year Mom died. (She died on her birthday so at least I know that.)

    Anyway, I can remember one year she bought me a pair of garnet (my birthstone) stud ear rings for Mothers Day.She said if it hadn't been for my brother and I she would have nothing to celebrate . . . That was over 50 years ago and the memory is as clear as if it happened yesterday.

    So to you, dear Kat, Happy "The Day You Made a Woman Your Mother"'s Day :o}


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