Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Cost of Freedom

Mr. Lick Lick let me sleep!! I am amazed. One night he doesn't wake me up to go potty and let's me sleep til almost 7. Holy cow. I think he knew how stressed I have been lately.

I am feeling better this morning after the rant yesterday. Do you believe it took me all day to write that? I will tell you the short of what happened - my direct fellow co-worker (unbeknownst to me) back in November logged onto my work computer under her log-in. Somehow my emails were being redirected to her personal yahoo account. This was discovered by me, I reported it to my boss and IT, and it resulted in this co-worker turning in a resignation yesterday. There has been much turmoil, tension and stress with said co-worker for over a year now. It is a welcome relief on my part for many reasons but the result of it is that the company is not going to replace said co-worker so now all the work reverts to me. Which really won't be too bad because I did the majority of it to begin with. The last three work days have been hell for me.

May your weekend be one of serenity, love and laughter.
Kat xoxoxox

PS/ the pic above is one of my tattoos. It is actually part of a print that I bought years ago at one of the Moving Wall events in FL and took to a tat parlor right after I moved here.


  1. yeah... one must ever be vigilant

    but how did she get into your computer, is it not password protected? :(

  2. yes my computer is password protected, she logged in as 'other user'. i always lock my computer when i walk away from it. and i said the same thing but my boss showed me yesterday morning how she could get to my desktop that way. as of yesterday morning that was changed. i don't know how she did it, i was dumbfounded. but i had emails to prove that my emails were being redirected. i would be with IT if i was that smart about computers. i'm not stupid but not smart enough to do something like that.

  3. reminds me of the shenanigans that went on with people who used our pass word protected computers at school.


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