Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remembering Those Who Gave All

What an emotional day for me yesterday. I crocheted 3 red, white & blue hearts to put on the trees of our adopted soldiers at Warriors Walk in Fort Stewart.

We left out of Renegade Classics from the BACA Run (Bikers Against Child Abuse)headed toward Ft. Stewart. Rounding one of the bends on base the sky was black. I was for sure thinking we were going to get hammered with rain. But nope. So we get to the gate and the guards won't let us ride on post because we don't have long sleeves, long fingered gloves. We all have our dot helmets, but that's it. So I get this bright idea of walking because it's just up the road, not far. HUH..I was turned around in my head, this wasn't the gate close to Warriors Walk. So we walked about a mile or so down the road to Warriors Walk, leaving our bikes at the gate. It was a long walk, on a fairly warm day but ya know what?? This was NOTHING compared to what the guys overseas have to endure.

So we get to Warriors Walk and I am already tearing up just thinking about all these guys (and they are just a small portion) that have lost their lives defending our country. We get to Jeremiah Smith's tree and I put the heart on the tree, tieing it securely on. Becky reads the bio on our adopted soldier. We pause and reflect, silently thanking him for his sacrifice. I start crying.

Next is Wai P Lwin. He was our first adopted soldier. We adopted him because he didn't have anyone there at the Laying of the Wreaths to give his tree a wreath. I take off the last heart we put on his tree and replace it with the new one. Becky reads about him, we reflect and go to our last adopted soldier, Travis Bruce. I really lose it at this point once I put the heart on his tree.

I have never met any of these guys but that doesn't matter to me. They sacrificed all of their tomorrows for me and everyone else. I am thankful to them and all of their brothers past, present & future who gave some or gave all or will give some or all. All heroes in my eyes.

Kat xoxox

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  1. this brought tears to my eyes as my husband is in the Army (almost 13 yrs now) and he has been overseas 3 times.....thank you for caring and doing this for them


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