Friday, May 28, 2010

Please Remember

Just a short note to say please remember to remember our heroes this weekend, the ones currently serving, the past serving and the ones who gave up their tomorrows for us to have our todays. This weekend is about them and what they've given up for us.

I have two functions this weekend. I was asked to crochet three hearts to leave on the trees at Warriors Walk for our 3 adopted soldiers. I made them red, white and blue. I haven't downloaded the pic of what they look like but I will next week. I think they turned out awesome. Just a little bit of love we show to our three adoptees.

Sunday is the memorial tribute on Bay Street in downtown Savannah. I attend this every year and the motorcycle community roars in to show and give our respect. I will certainly be remembering and honoring our armed forces.

Everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend, where ever you may be. And take a few moments to reflect on those brave souls who protect our country.
Kat xoxoxo

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