Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fly Away Sunday

Geeze...the day is almost gone. The weekend is almost gone. So quickly they go.

Yesterday I did laundry (yippee) and went to a wedding of a friend's son. I'm considered part of the family as I don't have any family close and I usually attend all of their family functions. It's wonderful that friends' families will accept you into their family like that. I think a lot of southern families are like that. Not to say that northern and western families aren't like that but for the most part southern are. It was a nice outside wedding and I'm glad I went.

I told my friend I would come over today and help her clean up, as her back has three bulging discs right now. So I was getting ready this morning (Mr. Lick Lick let me sleep til 8 this morning after getting up at 5 to let him go out to pee!) after I had half a cup of coffee in me, and she calls me. I didn't have to go because it wasn't that bad and Chuckie would help her tomorrow finish what needed to be done. And she invited me over to her nieces to help eat some of the leftovers of the wedding. I declined saying I didn't want to intrude too much on family stuff. She said I wasn't intruding, that I was part of the family. That made me feel pretty good.

I still didn't go. I feel so guilty on the weekends when I leave Mr. Lick Lick. The poor boy is in the cage all week while I work. I can't let my man of the house stay in the cage all weekend too. (How magnanimous of me huh?) LOL. He's all I have and the guilt weighs heavily on me when he has to go in there on the weekends. I don't have a choice during the week, I have to work. And I would love to be able to leave him out, I would feel a lot better, but I'll be damned if I'm going to come home every day after work and clean pee up. He pees cuz he's mad that he can't go and that I am leaving him alone. I don't know what to do to make him stop. He's 12. I'm pretty sure he did this to Jeff when Jeff was alive, though Jeff would never admit to it. Jeff would leave the a/c on and the back door open so that Leo could go outside during the day to pee. I asked him why he did that, that someone was going to come in and rip off his whole house. He said he did it for Leo and no one was going to come in the house unless Leo knew them. So anyways, Leo's done it to me and I'm not going to do as Jeff did, I can't afford to leave the a/c on and the door open. And a doggie door is out because he's a JRT (Jack Russell Terrier), he will dig out of the fence. It's too hot out in the summertime to leave him out in a confined area. Sorry, my dogs have been spoiled that way. If it's too hot out for me, it's too hot out for them.

Well I think Leo has napped at my feet long enough. It's time to go out and put another coat of finish on my latest woodburnings. 3 are gifts - Kay's is the froggy,
Chuckie's is the eagle, my daughter's is the other and of course PeeWee's cross that I need to finish. My daughter's is for mother's day, Kay and Chuckie's birthdays are next month.

Here's to a stress free Monday at work even though I will be working my tail off. :o) I don't think I have ever liked a Monday before but I will be loving this one.
Kat xoxox


  1. can you not take him with you when you visit 'family'? he's small enough...

  2. I suppose I could but he couldn't go in the house, her dog is outside in the 'dog yard'. And her dog is another JRT that hasn't been fixed. Don't need a dog fight. :o) I have been contemplating putting something on the bike behind the seat for him to ride. A friend wants me to put a carrier on there but can you imagine the heat in the summer time in that thing?

    Another thing, he is not ride oriented. Jeff never took him anywhere. He's horrible riding. I do need to do something, I will be housebound every weekend if I don't.

  3. Your post madde me homesick. When Mom died, a friend, and her extended family, adopted me completely into their family that 1st Christmas.

    This past weekend she sent me an email telling me where the rehersal dinner for her son's wedding was going to be and to be prepared for a whole weekend in Indianapolis.

    I am TOTALLY looking forward to catching up with her . . . we only see each other once a year now . . but when we go home we stay at her house and each evening we oack as much into them as we can . . . and catching up with her family and extended family.

    BUT, what too do with Indy for the time? Normally she goes home with us . . but 3 days she will need to be boarded or babysat?

    She has spent a day in the "puppy motel" where my Tavish spent my vacations . . . and I know she would be taken care of . . or might ask my niece if Indy can stay with her.

    Decisions, decisions . . . I could also leave her at home with Melissa coming to visit twice a day (when she feeds and loves the cats). . . but at seems so mean . .her not having interaction with humans all day.

    WOnder what I will end up doing?

  4. ok... better to have some kinda carrier over the handlebars, easier to control the bike that way, and you can keep a better eye on him, too ;)

  5. I bet she would be fine at home with Melissa coming to see her twice a day. When PeeWee was little, before I got Misty, I put him in a doggy hotel for a weekend. He didn't eat or sleep the whole weekend and cried the whole time. I cried too when I left him. That was the only time I have left any of my babies in doggy hotels.


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