Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Eve!

Yes sireeeee. LOL. I live for Fridays. :o)

On the way to work this morning it was soooo foggy! That is very scary. When you are traveling a road that you travel every day of the work week to go to work, and you can't see 10 feet in front of you....scary. The only thing I can think of is a log truck fully loaded stopped in front of you and you happen upon it and can't see it until you are right there!!

If you don't have log trucks in your area, when a log truck is loaded, the trees hang out of the back of the truck's trailer. So in essence if you came upon one of these and you can't see in front of you, the chances are that one of the logs will go through your windshield!!

One thing I am scared of is log trucks. Those guys haul butt down the road. They can't stop quick like you and I can in a vehicle. And since texting has become popular it's even more scarier. I've noticed many a log truck close or going over the center line or having a hard time keeping in their lane because of texting. How do I know? Because you can see them, head down, eyes down. They already drive a lethal vehicle loaded down with very heavy, deadly missiles. Texting is not the thing to be doing in these trucks. That's pretty much a no brainer I would think.

Anyways...I don't like riding my motorcycle when it's foggy like it is today. It's too easy for a vehicle behind you to not see you (they don't see you anyways when you're on a bike on a clear day). And it's too easy for a vehicle to pull out in front of you or into you because they don't see you coming. It's a perilous thing to ride a motorcycle these days anyways! I try to be seen at all times. I've had several very close calls on my bikes. More on my sporty than on my roadking. And I was always amazed at how I survived each situation. All were scary and very well could have ended up with me either dead or very maimed for the rest of my life. I definitely have a guardian angel.

Well I need to get to it here. It looks like it may not be as busy a day as the last 3 have been but then again I could be very wrong. That's happened a time or (Been wrong that is)(Hey, at least I admit it!!!)

Where ever you are I hope that it's a clear, beautiful, lovely day for you.
Kat xoxox

PS/Check out my Christmas cactus. This was two of them this past Christmas. See the pink one? That's the one that has two blooms right now, outside on my front porch. But aren't they just gorgeously loaded with flowers?
PPS/Don't go by the date in the pic. My camera has been funky in regards to the date. Sometimes I don't even realize that the date is wrong....and sometimes I don't care. But I know this was taken last Christmas. I need to just take the date off of my pics so that I don't have to worry about it.

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  1. you are very lucky to be still alive after your bike incidents, thx to your guardian angel, i'm sure :)

    xmas cacti are pretty neat, indeed

    happy thursday :D


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