Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Holy Moly!

Well here it is Wednesday. I have been one busy little bee at work since said co-worker is no longer here and I am doing it all now. Tis ok, it's just eating into my blog time is all. :o( I shall endeavor to do my best to blog like I have been. I rather enjoy it, I get 'stuff' off my chest. And it helps clear some of the cobwebs from the space between the ears also. It makes room for more stuff to ooze in from the nether of life.

I have started working on a granny square blanket for my sister. (One of them, my youngest to be exact) Her favorite color is purple, so I am doing three shades of purple and I made a chart so that this blanket will be a 'Purple Heart' blanket. I'm excited about it to see the end result. It looks good on paper, let's see if it'll ring true when it's all put together.

I have the radio on my Zen here. Today I am listening to oldies. Isn't it wonderful to hear a song that will take you back in time to an earlier life? Ventura Highway is playing. When I hear this song I think of a causeway in southern FL where I was at the time this song was popular. That was in my teenage years before my mother passed. That time of life for me was a carefree one before I had to grow up rather quickly. Lost innocence of another kind, if you know what I mean. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that time in my life and know what I know now.


I hope the rest of your day is wonderful - I am headed to the hacienda and my Mr. Lick Lick. :o)
Kat xoxoxo


  1. LOVE it when I hear a song on the radio and discover that I am sitting there listening to it with a silly smile on my face.

    Some memories are so deeply hidden that when a song brings them back , , it is like revisiting the past in technicolor :o}

  2. I hear ya on that. I've done the same thing, heard a song and sitting there thinking back to that time and depending on if it's a good or bad memory, I will come out of it to discover whatever face I am making...... :o)

  3. we have randy bachman [of bto, and before that, the guess who] on cbc radio for 2 hr with his 'vinyl tap' series saturday nite, repeated the following friday nite, where he plays all kinds of 'old stuff'... love it!

    saturday, that's followed by holger peters with 'saturday nite blues'... too cool

    nice pooch! :D


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