Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amendment to Wednesday Friday

I just found out that one sister went back home to FL, so that I won't see her tomorrow. :o( Oh extra bookmark. I'll have to save it for someone else for some other time.

Also...I am now involved in a swap! Swap you say??? Yes! A swap!!! (not of the human kind Oh no, this girl does not swap. And I don't even have a significant other that I could swap if I wanted to! To paraphrase Lucy of Attic24 - a 'hooky goodness' swap. It sounds like fun!

Ok, I am outa here! Have the most wonderous weekend you can! Til next time....
Kat xoxoxo

ps/whatya think about my little girl sleeping with her kitty in a hammock on my front porch?? Isn't she just the cutest? I have a gnome in a hammock too...I'll post him at a later date.


  1. I thought that you might have carved the girl . . it is a cute little porch "knick knack." Myself, I go nuts for real looking rabbits to put in the back yard gardens. I used to buy them at Joanne's Crafts when they were on sale . .they are allover $20 full price and they aren't with that much to me . . . even though they last for years . . .LOLOL just can't pay full price when I know a sale will come about.

  2. By the way . . .congratulations on now having three followers . . isn't that exciting to know that people find what you do interesting? LOLOL


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