Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wispy Wednesday

It's almost the end of April and springtime in Georgia brings very cool nights this year. It was in the 40's this morning! I actually had to wear my hoody because I was cold. I thought about turning the heat on last night before going to bed but I still have my flannel sheets and three blankets on the bed. Plus Mr. Lick Lick helps, he's a real good heater. I love it when he gets under the covers and is up against my back.

I don't normally go outside at work anymore since I quit smoking, unless the UPS or FedEx guys come. UPS came a little bit ago and it's gorgeous out! A tad cool because the wind is out of the NW but other than that it's so nice out. A day that you don't want to be inside at work, you want to be at home, in the yard or on the porch!! It was really windy yesterday and even last night. I happened to wake up after the timer turned the tv off and heard something go BANG. Mr. Lick Lick sat up immediately. I thought oh of my plants got blown off the porch. And then as I was dozing back off into oblivion the dang tv came back on! Thus answering somewhat, a great mystery as to why the timer didn't work sometimes. It did, it just came back on after. I think there's something wrong with the tv. It does that sometimes when you turn the tv off, it has a delayed reaction and then comes back on as if you turned it back on. So then Mr. Lick Lick woke me up at 3:15 this morning to go out to potty. I normally get up at 4 but he could have waited me thinks. Oh well, I guess he at least didn't wake me up at 11 or so like he normally does to go pee. I told him not to last night and he listened. :o) A rarity for a Jack Russell to listen when they're told something.

And I noticed yesterday when I went home that this year, again, one of my Christmas cactus has beautiful pink blooms on it! This is the second year it's done that. And I don't know why but after I put them back outside this particular one gets a couple of blooms on it. I'll have to dig for pics of when they all are in bloom right before Christmas. They are just loaded with flowers and gorgeous! I need to repot them all but I am so afraid of how big they will get when I do! They are big now. I have 4 or 5 and then I have a pot with pieces from them all because they've fallen at one time or another either from a wind storm or something and I just started a new pot. So I have both colors in there, the beautiful bright pink and the salmon colored ones. They will probably bloom this year...that should be very interesting. I wonder if they will cross and I will get a third color out of them? I doubt it, I don't think Christmas cactus work that way.

Well it's almost lunch. Yippee! Meatloaf sammich today. I actually cooked on Saturday and Sunday for my lunch this week.

I hope your day is as lovely as the spring flowers that have sprung!!
Kat xoxoxox

PS/The flowers you see above were part of a stack that I gave away to my BG sisters at one meeting. I love giving my 'hooky goodness' away.


  1. who are your BG sisters and what are they going to do with your flowers?

  2. My BG sisters are my 'Bomber Girl' sisters. A group of motorcycle riding women that fundraise to send care packages to the troops. You can check us out at :O) And as for the flowers? I don't know what they do with them. I do know one has a tibetan mastiff that ate one of my flowers that I gave For my birthday they surprised me with a dinner, and I had made a bunch of stuff to give to them (I thought dinner was with only one of them and her hubby - turned out it was all of them). So in essence I went with gifts for all of them and it was MY birthday! lol

  3. hey kat, good to meetcha

    crazy weather here all week, rain/wind and cold nighttime temps...

    will check out your bg link ;)


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