Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Theoretical Tuesday

Tuesdays are that day that is just before hump day, after the dreaded Monday, and the day that you really are just getting into the swing of things after the weekend. I've always liked Tuesdays.

Theoretically (I'm having an awful time discerning correctly spelled words these days - that just does not look right)I guess you could say it's the beginning of the week. Mondays are the day when you are trying to slide into the work week with grace from a weekend packed with adventure and as much as you can fit into it, is it not? (Sounds good anyways! LOL)

Ok, with all that cock and bull said......lol - I went home last night and kind of piddled with my crochet. I am kind of at a loss right now because I'm so bummed about my motif's that I can't seem to get a grasp of how to get them put together. I was so excited because I could see it in my mind all together. I feel discombobulated. And Mr. Lick Lick didn't help matters.

He wanted attention last night...my undivided attention. He has this thing where he thinks he has me wrapped around his paws and will go to the middle of the floor, where I can see him and just stand there and stare at me. Forever if I don't say anything to him. So I say to him....what? He just looks at me. I ask him does he have to go potty. So I get up and head to the door. He just turns around in his spot and looks at me, doesn't make any attempt to go to the door. So at this point I tell him he's not getting any chip (treats). He looks at me. I go to the couch and sit down and he comes and sits beside me looking at me. Then he gets his hands on me and just looks at me. I'm like 'WHAT???' His tail starts wagging and he starts barking at me. I tell him no, lay down like a good boy. And he does. For about 5 minutes and this crap starts all over again. So I ignore him. I can still see him out of my peripheral. By this time I have made a few flowers, nothing of significance.

So this weekend I had gone through all of my printed patterns and put them in piles according to wearables, hats and bags, motif's-how to's-dishclothes etc, miscellaneous and afghans. I found this easy afghan pattern from Coats and Clark and I put it aside because it looks nice and easy for me to do. So I'm sitting there last night and say...oh...let me start on this and see how it goes. WELL...of course I didn't have the right yarn...I needed Red Heart soft, but I'm thinking that it won't matter. HUH...it does matter. I get to round 4 and it's getting all floppy like! So then I'm more bummed.

So I put it all down and went to bed.

Hope your day is wondermous!
Kat xoxoxo

ps/yes, boobie coozie's....with bikini tops. Whatcha think? I found a pattern to make them, the pattern wasn't what I wanted so I went with my own and this is what I came up with. I had an offer to sell them at one of the local bars in Garden City. I've made these two with another one almost done with a yellow bikini top. I might sell a few but they are getting tedious. Why does that happen? I can make a couple of anything like that but when it comes to making a bunch I so want to put them down!

EDITED TO ADD - The original design came from Melinda Miller on Ravelry. I couldn't remember where I had gotten it and Keri just asked me for the pattern and reminded me that I needed to find where it was that I found it. As I said earlier, I changed it to suit me. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-boobie-koozie


  1. Isn't that true . .you g et a chance to make some money from your craft and it bores you to tears . . . LOLOL

    grandma crocheted dishcloths for years and my aunt sold thtem at her factory job . . that was grandma's way of making extra money . . no social security in her day . . and she could make them from memory . .I've tried and even they drive me nuts . . how did she ever do it?

  2. I wonder why that is? It's weird...because they don't take that long to make. The hardest part is the boobs and attaching them. Grandma's that don't have social security have the drive to make stuff like that. I'm so glad I didn't live in that era.

  3. Hi, Kat! It's me again, Keri, from Greyt Balls of Yarn. I'm reading through your old posts and came across the Boobie coozies. I really REALLY need your pattern. I would be glad to purchase it from you. I will send you $$$ upfront. If you allow me to buy the pattern, I promise not to post it, sell it, or sell the coozies after they're made. I have 4 people in my immediate family who would think they'd died and gone on to Heaven if they received one of these.

    As an option, if you're not excited about sharing your pattern, I would buy 4 of these from you.

    My email is savagr8@gmail.com. Please let me know. Those things are SOOOO friggin' cute!!


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