Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hearts n shells motifs

I came home and took some pics of the heart n shells motifs that I am working on. I'm so excited about them. This is one wip that I doubt I will put down until I am done. Hopefully anyways...lol. Ok so here they are. Whatya think? The camera does not do the colors or color combinations justice. They are much prettier in person.

Any comments, suggestions...all are welcome! :o)Can you see Mr. Lick Lick in one of them? Well, I guess I should say part of Mr. Lick Lick. He just has to be a part of everything!


  1. These qare gorgeous . . . will have to make a couple and see if mine come out square . . If I were going to join them, I would sc inone st, ch 1, sc in the next st, and keep repeating until the end of the join. This will give a nice tight seam BUT the ch 1 will let them lay nicely together. I did this on one afghan I made and was SO SURPRISED how nice it made the front AND back look.

  2. Oh they look lovely. Love the purple and blue colour combo.

    I spy Mr Lick Lick in the bottom photo - although it took me a while!

  3. Mr Lick Lick does blend in doesn't he? I didn't even realize he had his grubby little paws in the pic until I went to upload them.

    I do so love these. Paula - do you think since they are oval that it would look odd to do sc's + ch1 in the large spaces between the motif's?? Or should they be doubles?

  4. I want a pink one!

    Let's strike a deal and exchange fineries... Now what pretty thing do you need?

    :) xxx

    ps. thanks for joining my blog.


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