Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whirly Wednesday

Whew! Hump day...almost over, thankfully. My back has just been killin me these last couple of weeks. I so desperately need to go to the chiro but haven't had either the money or time to go. I have to soon, I have a lot of numbness going on......not good. And that's besides the pain!

It is just gorgeous outside. I can't wait to jump on my bike and head home. I live ~ 40 miles from work. I actually work in Savannah and live in Springfield. Wellll...not IN Springfield. Actually IN the woods. :o) But as gorgeous as it is I already have my a/c on. And that bites. We went straight from winter into summer. No spring this year! Last year was wonderful. We had a very long spring and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am glad though that I finally have all my plants outside again. The skeeties are horrific at the house. With all the rain we had over the winter I still have standing water on my property in pools. In all honesty I need to cut all the trees (or most of them) on the front of my property down, rake it all flat and replant. I'd love to have some fruit trees and nut trees. Pecans, almonds, pear, peach, apple. Ohhh....think of all the pies! LOL. Crap....I think I gained 3 pounds just thinking about it! And I would have me a rose garden and all of the beautiful flowering trees and plants that Georgia has to offer. Most especially red tip, dogwood - of the white and pink kind, bradford pear, crape myrtle - one of each color, all colors of azalea, oh I could go on and on. And wisteria......even though they invade I just love it!! Ok nuff dreaming bout trees, flowers, fruits and nuts.

So anyways.......I stumbled on some new patterns that I hadn't seen before, on There is one that I just loved the look of so I printed it out and made one yesterday. I totally did not like the way it turned out. And there were several mistakes in the pattern. So I started another one today, changing the mistakes and not doing the whole thing. It's a 12" square that was not square at all. It pooched out on each side. I so do not like it like that. But was worth it because now that I fixed the mistakes in it (the middle part of it) I love it! Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with it! LOL. And I love the colors I used on it. They rock together! I don't have a pic...I'll have to take one when I get home and post hopefully tomorrow.

Well it's almost time to be going to the hacienda. Where ever you are I hope your day rocks!
K xoxoxo

PS/These are three woodburnings I made. The Chris n Jen is my daughter and hubby, and Kay n Chuck are my friends. I haven't done a lot of wood burning lately. I miss it. And the last one is Frogiella....a present for Kay.....oh I hope she doesn't find my blog. It's actually done but not in this pic. I do need to take a finished pic don't I?

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