Friday, April 16, 2010

Finally Friday!! happy I am that it's Friday!! Next week I only have to work three days. I have next Thursday and Friday off. Two of my sisters and my niece and 3 almost grown GREAT GRAND nieces will be visiting town on Thursday, and I took Friday off for a long weekend and so that I can go to the dr. I feel really old...3 GREAT GRAND nieces!! Holy cow. They are going to be shocked up on shocked when they see me. A great aunt with tattoos. Great Aunties aren't supposed to be tattooed!!! I hope my back is good enough that I can ride my bike to meet with them and spend the day. They will really freak won't they? :O)Great Aunties aren't supposed to ride motorcycles and wear boots! And this Great Auntie crochets too!! What an odd combination, don't you think?

They are staying in Hilton Head SC, which isn't really that far from here but it's a vacation spot and that's where their hotel is. My oldest sister is from NC, my niece and great grand nieces are from Elmira NY, and my other sister is from FL. I have not seen my great grand nieces since they were little, I don't even know that they will remember me. And I was not all tatted up at that point in time either. I have seen pics of them and they are all grown up and just beautiful. I will have to be the protective tatted up biker auntie!!! LOL I'm anxious to see their reaction to me. It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

That is one thing I think about all the time. A culture/society that is prejudice of people that are all tatted up. OK...if I wear clothes to hide my tats and you meet me and you see that I am a person, just like you are.....then you are ok with my tats, because you have not formed an opinion about me firstly with my tats. I am the same person...tatted or not!! If I am a jerk all clothed then I am a jerk all tatted. If I am a nice person who cares about the price of tea in the US all clothed, then I am that same nice person who cares about the price of tea in the US all tatted up!! Just because I have tats, ride a motorcycle and wear boots does not mean I eat little kids and pillage and kill (bad analogy, I know but you get my point right?). I get the strangest looks when I have met someone and I am fully clothed and I have talked to them at length, and then I, for whatever reason (hot flash more than likely), disrobe a tad and there are all my tats in their splendid glory for the world to see. The tats don't form the person. They are an artistic expression of the person, just like the artistic expression of those who sew, those who knit, those who crochet, & so on & so forth. Do you know what I'm saying?

Am I a bad person just because I have my tattoos? No. Truth be known I might not have any except for my ex...he got me started. Yea I blame him for my addiction. It's probably been, oh...13 years now, that I got my first tat on my back. And oh about hurt. They all hurt, don't let anyone fool you. Why do I do it you ask?? Well that's a hard one to answer for you to understand. Unless you have tats you probably won't understand. But let's's an addiction. I have addictions and ink is one of them. Hey, it's not drugs. And I'm not a drunk (I do drink but only occasionally). And I've kicked the cigarette addiction. So now I'm left with, let's, yarn, coffee, tea,, my motorcycle addiction has slowed down because of my back...what else do I have left?? I think that's it for addictions. I do love chocolate, but hey, I'm a red blooded middle aged/almost senior citizen female. What female does not like chocolate?

We all have our addictions but really, mine aren't that bad. And I've even slowed down on the ink addiction because,'s dang expensive! And I have other things to spend my money on these days. The last one didn't cost me that much, it was a trade off for the sale of my other motorcycle. I sold it to a girl for part cash and part tats. She was a private/silent investor in a tattoo parlor. Now what ink junkie wouldn't say yes to that? :o) The last one, this particular tat is my whole left arm - a sleeve - covered in ink!! And let me tell you, I got really tired of going week after week - every Saturday for at least 2 months - and sitting in that chair enduring pain. I was ready to be done with it! But then it was wierd not going anymore because I had gotten used to going every week. I was very thrilled with the end result though. And the one part I love the most is not seen unless I am raising my hand and my shirt sleeves are short or I'm wearing a tank. My purple lizard eating a strawberry is just awesome! There he is up top. I just love him. I wish I had seen him a long time ago, I would have put him on the outside of the arm for all to see. The other pic is part of, or I should say half of my moon/fairy tat. That was the result of the first sitting. The second sitting I got this bluish/purplish mist all around it. I don't have a finished pic that is good enough to post because you can't see it all. I guess because of how it is positioned on the calf of my leg. I've always like fairies and I originally wanted a fairy on a mushroom but then the one he was going to tat me with, I found another JUST LIKE IT on the internet! I said nope, not what I want. So he came up with this and I love it.

Well I think I have jawed enough today, my back is killin me and I need to get up and walk around a tad. I hope you aren't bored, and I hope you won't judge me just because of my ink. The ink does not make me who I am. That's the outside, not the inside.

I hope where ever you are it's a gorgeous great day for you!

Kat xoxoxo

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